At the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) we’re transforming education in partnership with those we serve. Student academic achievement and well-being are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to making our schools places where every student can be successful. However, we know we can’t do this without first centring students.

Five Strategies for Student Agency and Voice

Our commitment to centre students requires respect for their agency and voice. We have proposed five strategies to achieve this commitment. These strategies build the mechanisms to centre student voices as we create schools where all students are able to reach their full potential. This means intentionally increasing student engagement and deepening relationships across the WRDSB.

Let Students Lead

We will invite students to engage by empowering them to lead discussions on their education. While student representation and Student Trustees support this goal, it only reflects some students across the student body. Our goal is to develop processes that:

  • Centre students’ voices in our work and decisions
  • Extend participation and democratize decision-making by building students’ capacities inside and outside classrooms

Learn more about how we plan to Let Students Lead.

Connect with Students Outside of School to Gather Feedback

In our conversations with students, we heard from many that they feel more engaged outside of the classroom. Some students, especially from historically marginalized backgrounds, are not engaged by current efforts.

Learn more about how we plan to Connect with Students Outside of School to Gather Feedback.

Consistent Board Presence in Schools

Students have told us that they need staff and teachers who can listen and support them. It’s important for this to also extend to relevant staff at the school board level. Through the WRDSB staff presence in schools and with students, we hope to increase familiarity and build trust.

Learn more about how we plan to provide a Consistent Board Presence in Schools.

Invest in Student-Led Initiatives

We aim to incentivize and support students’ interest and care for their communities. This will enable students to create change by:

  • Promoting their efforts in schools across the district
  • Connecting them with partners who align with their work
  • Providing them with a platform to share their initiatives and offer input about their education

Learn more about how we plan to Invest in Student-Led Initiatives.

Create a Student Communications Team & Media Pool

To help students improve their leadership and communication skills, we will create:

  • A Student Communications Team
  • A student media pool

Learn more about how we plan to Create a Student Communications Team & Media Pool.

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